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Kari & Tristan - November 2023

Kari & Tristan celebrated with friends and family on a beautiful Autumn day at The Farmhouse. We love when our couples share the little details that made their wedding day special!

How did you meet and when did he propose?

We met at work. We went to Assateague Island (like we do every anniversary) and he found a vacant beach area (because the path leading there was having work down to it) to watch the sunset. A deer happened to walk up near us and then shortly after went into a wooded area. As we were standing there he said "look the deer is back" I turned around and nothing was there and when I turned back to him he was down on his knee. 

Why did you choose The Farmhouse for your wedding? What were some of your favorite things about the venue?

We chose The Farmhouse because it is beautiful! A little hidden gem. From the grounds and all the beautiful trees (willows are my favorite) to the simple quaint indoors. I loved how everything was included in price so it was less venders I needed to find as well. 

What was one of your favorite moments on your wedding day?

My son was the ring bearer and as he was walking down the aisle birds flew over and he stops and looks up and said “WOW” then started running off in the direction they flew.

What song did you choose for your first dance?

Still the one - Teddy Swims

What other special touches did you include on your big day?

We included memorial items on my bouquet and table for the child I miscarried, step mom, and biological mom.

If you had one piece of advice for future couples, what would it be?

Always communicate with each other either with having a conversation or even writing a letter to your significant other, don't let anything build up. Remember that you are a team. 



venue || The Farmhouse

photography || Ticha & Jessica Photography

accommodations || Hilton Christiana

wedding cake || Desserts by Dana

officiant || Rev. Dawn K. Thomas

dress || Brides and Grooms Inc.


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