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Today, the Farmhouse is proud to be a women-owned business, still managed by the fourth generation of the Murray family.

As a small family run business, The Farmhouse provides a personal touch and flexibility in hosting your dream wedding. We take pride in our business and can't wait to bring your vision to life!


Anna Lupton
Owner & Wedding Coordinator


Laura Pierson
Owner & Wedding Coordinator


Katie Shannon

Owner & Wedding Coordinator


Derek Schwalbauch

Executive Chef


Now a picturesque venue for weddings and events, The Farmhouse holds a long and unique place in Delaware’s history.

Historic Farmhouse and Barn

The original Farmhouse was thought to have been built between 1830 to 1840 and passed through a number of families over the years. In 1917, Levi Wesley Murray and his bride Kate Whann Moody Murray bought 147 acres of the land then known as the Brown Farm, and moved into The Farmhouse in 1918, after the previous owner’s crops had been harvested. The couple resided in The Farmhouse with their five children, two of whom were born in the Farmhouse. The house was eventually passed down to the youngest, Ralph Murray, who raised five children there and continued to to farm the land until the late 1960s when it was developed into a community now known as Murray Manor.

As Murray Manor grew in size, an addition was put onto The Farmhouse so that the community's civic association had a place to hold meetings and other gatherings. The Murray family started receiving requests to hold small parties in the new space and in 1990 decided to transform The Farmhouse into a premiere wedding hall. Further additions to the building were made to accommodate larger functions and in 1993, The Farmhouse’s catering and event business was officially started by the Murray's two youngest daughters and a family friend.

Original Farmhouse Barn


After more than 20 successful years in business, in 2014 The Farmhouse was passed along to the fourth generation of the Murray family to be run by Ralph and Betty’s granddaughters. Despite all of its additions and renovations, The Farmhouse still maintains the original section that was lived in by the Browns and early generations of the Murray family. Its cozy den and large inside bar once functioned as the Murray family’s kitchen, while the upstairs that now houses the bridal suite previously served as the master bedroom.

These reminders of the Farmhouse’s heritage have remained intact throughout its passing between families and generations, allowing everyone to experience a piece of its history.

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