The Marriage Act of Ontario requires that  certain formalities be observed between the parties. Whether you are getting married in your backyard for a small ceremony, or in a banquet hall for a large one, marriage is a legal agreement. Wedding ceremonies may be informal or formal, simple or elaborate, but the following elements must be present if you want your marriage to be legal in Ontario.

    1.  Officiant Introduction
    2. Affirmations of Intent to Marry
    3. Vows
    4. Declaration of Marriage
    5. Signing of Documents

Your wedding can be as simple as that!

The exchange of wedding rings and the inclusion of music, poems, candles, flowers, readings and other rituals, although traditional are in fact, optional.

You may write and read your own vows to one another.  You may address the assembled guests yourselves, or co-lead the wedding by asking a friend of family member to offer readings, sing or play music or make any other meaningful contribution.  The tone can be formal, informal, humorous, romantic, family-oriented, or anything that you want, as long as the required elements are included.  Remember this is your wedding and it can be exactly what you want!

As a Humanist Officiant I am encouraged to use secular terminology in all instances.  In the event that you wish to have a religious reading as a part of the ceremony, I encourage you to turn that part of your ceremony over to a friend, family member or other designate.

I have a wide selection of  introductions, vows, rituals and reading from which to choose to create your perfect ceremony. Please call on me so that we can discuss your options.

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